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Scratching head on Sutton bank Cash App, then you are at the right page. In this blog we will illustrate on the Sutton Bank Cash App card and on its direct deposit.

But before moving to it let us look into a brief introduction on Sutton Bank and Cash App.

  • Sutton is the private Bank, which was built in the year 1878. Its head office is in Attica Ohio. It offers the required fundamental banking features in addition to that it also delivers a variety of loans. Sutton Bank furnishes business loans, personal loans, and auto loans. It lends solutions on investment, management on treasury services, locker installations, and so on. In brief, it is an institution on banking and a financial bank in full form.
  • Whereas, Square Cash App is one of the person-to-person transfer payment apps that is supported both on iOS and Android operating devices. It is quite popular among the users of mobile. The Cash App can be also accessible by its website. It also offers to buy and sell Bitcoins and Stock which act as an advantage to more than 15M users.
  • Sutton Bank and Cash App have a relation between them. As per the Cash App official website, there is an agreement on the Cash App Prepaid Card Program Agreement between the users of Cash App who use the Cash App Cards and the Sutton Bank.

How to do Sutton Bank Cash App Login

To speak the truth, the Sutton Bank login for Cash App is not accessible. At the same time, Cash App sign in with the Sutton Bank website of the bank or through the mobile application is not valid. It directly indicates that Sutton Bank does not provide any assistance to log in or support for the Cash App.

It is only that one can go for Cash App login only on the Cash App official website or its app. No third party websites or application is available by which you can get to the wallet of the Cash App.

How to do Sutton Bank Cash App direct deposit

Users with the Cash App Card can go for the withdrawal of payment check services including to get the Sutton Bank Cash App routing number.

Users with the Cash App Card can go for the withdrawal of payment check services including to get the Sutton Bank Cash App routing number.

  1. Go to Cash App

    Firstly, go to the Cash App payment application and click to open.

  2. Click on the ‘Profile’ icon

    Next, click on the ‘Profile’ icon to proceed further.

  3. Hit on ‘My Cash’ tab with the ‘$’ sign

    Then, hit the tab on ‘My Cash’ which is on ‘$’ sign.

  4. Scroll down and click on the ‘Cash’ section

    Now, scroll down the page to locate the section on ‘Cash’ and click on it to open.

  5. Again scroll and tap on the ‘Direct Deposit’ option

    In the next step, scroll down once again and tap the option on ‘Direct Deposit’.

  6. In this page, the Sutton Bank Cash App routing number will get displayed

    Now, this page will display you the routing number of Sutton Bank Cash App.

  7. Hit on ‘Get Account Number’ button

    Next, hit on the button with ‘Get Account Number’.
    On hitting you will immediately get the Cash App account number viewed on that particular page.

  8. Copy the account number and the routing number to share with the employer

    In this step, you need to copy the Cash App account number and the routing number so that you can share this details with the employer.

  9. When the employer enters the details and information and then submit the required form online then it will enable the direct deposit services

    Furthermore, once the employer enter the required credentials and then submit it online, the process on direct deposit will get enabled.

  10. Scroll and look for the option on ‘Direct deposit’ and select on it

    Now, get down and look for the ‘Direct deposit’ tab and select it.

  11. You will get the routing number of Cash App and the account number of bank that is linked with it

    So, in this step, you will be getting the routing number on Cash App and the linked account number of the bank.

  12. Tap on ‘Get account number’ tab

    Then, tap the tab on ‘Get Account number’.

  13. A link on term and condition will be displayed on the screen

    In the next step, a link on the terms and conditions will be prompted on which you can have a look.

  14. Select the button on ‘Enable account

    At last, select the ‘Enable’ option to successfully complete the process.

Sutton Bank Cash App phone number

For any issues or query such as the refund pending, failure on payment, vain paycheck withdrawal, in addition to any sort of non-technical or technical problems you must make direct contact to the Customer Support service of Cash App.

Make use of the Cash App service to contact the Cash App support.

The steps are:-

  • At first, click on the ‘Profile’ section.
  • Next, scroll down the page and look for the ‘Cash Support’ tab.
  • Select on the tab.
  • Lastly, make sure to follow the instructions displayed on the screen to connect with the Cash App support service team.

Take note that, no sort of issues are considered by the Sutton Bank service.

Penning down

Thus, it is the verge of Cash App Sutton Bank details that you need to know and will be helpful for you while dealing with the Sutton Bank Cash App Card. Still, for any doubt or query like Sutton Bank Cash App address etc, you can directly contact the Customer Support help for any further guidance.

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