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Nowadays people invest in different types of platforms online so that extra incomes can be earned. Students also in order to earn some extra pocket money invest in some sort of companies. Investing online does not mean that you won’t bump into issues. If you invest, make sure to be aware of the consequences like how much benefits you are getting, any loss incurred, etc. It would be quite frustrating if such issues occur.  Regardless of whether it’s an issue with the software or you are experiencing difficulty getting something, you might feel the need to get help right away.

Today the topic is about the customer service of Robinhood. How to contact them through email or phone number?

Robinhood is one of the first platforms in the field of investment where you can trade without commission. Founded almost 10 years ago. Robinhood allows individuals to exchange stocks, ETFs, cryptocurrency, and other options free. There are no covered-up charges or strings linked of any sort. 

This platform offers fractional shares, which are portions of an entire stock and the price tag may be out of your reach. These shares can be started by investing just $1. 

Despite the fact that the customer service is extremely limited, fortunately, the Robinhood app is simple and easily understandable. Experts modeled this app as the most simple app to invest in. It covers everything from the essentials of how to invest to more subjects about expanding which you find on the app’s learning page. This is a decent beginning stage. If you want to invest you need to visit this page which will be good for you before starting investing.

The main drawbacks of the Robinhood app are that you will not get any live customer support available if you bump into any issue. The app is only available to sell securities to US citizens but there is no live person to interact with over a phone.

One reason where Robinhood lacks in services is that they don’t have enormous staff support ready to offer help. At the point when you visit the traditional bank, there are experts in order to assist you with account-related questions. These platforms do not have an adequate number of specialists to deal with phone calls.

Remember, Robinhood offers trading commission-free. They need to reduce expenses some way or another to remain above water, and limited customer support is for such a reason.

Most organizations prefer you to discover answers on the website itself. If by chance you contact them you will get the message to go on their site for more information.

So, users try to contact the customer service of Robinhood through Reddit as you will not get any person to respond to your queries.

If you do want to reach Robinhood customer support for assistance then call the toll-free number – (650) 940-2700. When you dial it you will be taken to the website or to different ways to contact them. The process will be done by a pre-recorded message. Here also you won’t get any live person for support

Ways to Contact Customer Support Robinhood

There are a list of other means or paths to attain the platform with concerns but do not anticipate a quick reply.

  1. In case you have some issue with the app then try to open a ticket for support at
  2. If you have the app installed, then select the option in your app, hit the Contact Us option, and go through the on-screen instructions.
  3. Robinhood customer service email – but you won’t get an immediate response from them.
  4. Write a tweet on Twitter @AskRobinhood, a page solely dedicated to Robinhood support.
  5. You can also find the help center in the app which might solve your issue to some extent.

Hence, some other platforms provide live chats but this app will not provide support through live chat because of limited customer support to attend calls. You will be directed to the website and there you need to write about the problem you are facing.

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