How does Robinhood make money?

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Robinhood is an app where you can invest without paying commission. This eye-catching quality attracts individuals to invest in it. But do you know how you can make money using this app?

There are many investors who want to invest without commission in simpler ways. The app will help the investors to invest through online or app trading which appears to be the means to earn in the future.

Robinhood, launched in the year 2013, that flaunts without commission and minimizes expenses for financial backers to trade stocks, ETFs, and even cryptocurrency without any commissions. This app was initially created for Apple (AAPL) tablets and phones, but in recent years you can also find the app on Android. 

In the year 2019, Robinhood offered a mixture of investment vehicles comprising. ETFs, stocks, cryptocurrency, and options. As per CNBC, the association has been rated at around $5.6 billion, and a new investment of Series-D round influx as much as $363 million.

Furthermore, as indicated by a new report by JMP Securities in 2018, Robinhood in average assets is figured to have around $1,000 – $5,000 per account, though lack to reach the heights of competitors, Fidelity and TD Ameritrade (AMTD). As of May 2018, Robinhood has saved customers more than $1 billion in expenses of commission.

Robinhood as it does not charge commission you might wonder how it can acquire a near valuation of $6 billion? 

If you want to make money through Robinhood 2020 then you need to know how the investment with free commission works.

Investing without commission may seem like a free venture, however, Robinhood can make money using different means like interest, rebates, and paying for premium accounts by customers to access limited speculation options for investment.

Can you actually make money on Robinhood?

We will go through the points one by one to clarify your doubts about making investments.


 As stated by Robinhood co-founders, the app earns money in huge quantity from interest usually made by the cash of investors that remains idle in simple words give loans, and from their interest money can be earned. Basically from the customer accounts earning money off from the funds that are not invested.

 As per the site, Robinhood earns money similar to a bank that obtains interest on cash deposits and also the rebates from trading venues and market makers.

Robinhood charges for different services including live broker trading through the phone that will return per trade $10 and some transactions of foreign stock for around $35 – $50. 

Additionally, Robinhood makes a fair bit off of exchanges in a different manner including earning orders money off.

Premium Accounts:

The association’s premium account, Robinhood Gold,  enables investors up to the margin of $1,000 authorizing to trade more than the cash balance remaining on the app.

This is achieved by a lending margin.

Marginal Interest and Margin Lending:

The service margin trading helps the investors to earn more from the Robinhood Gold and the site starts margin at $6 in a month. You will find different tiers and the minimum portfolio value is $2,000 of margin’s account.

Pay $6 per month for $1000 to get loans on an additional margin and borrow the money as the margin will be half i.e. 50% of the account balance which is unique for brokerages.

Robinhood site states that if you are Gold tier paying $200 per month a margin fee of 5% is charged. The interest of 5% of APR for customers borrowing more than $50,000.

If you switch the account to a different broker other than Robinhood a charge of $75 you will be asked to pay.

High-Frequency Trading and Order Flow:

Robinhood app has pulled in some critique depending on revenue on trading at high frequency and a technique called order flow payment.

As per the reports of Bloomberg in 2018, Robinhood earned revenue almost 50% from trading at high frequency and payment for order flow. This practice was controversially utilized by several brokerages online. The site also states that Robinhood delivers orders to the makers of the market which permits to get better commission quality and better costs. Also, the revenue earned from the rebates helps to take care of the expenses of operating the business and that permits to offer trading without commission.

Rather than orders being handled on a public trade, associations like Robinhood can be earned money off trades like processing or directing through the background parties that which leads to trade at the other end. As per Robinhood, Citadel Securities, Two Sigma, Wolverine, and Virtu are the market makers used by them and which the organization has unveiled because of SEC Rule 606.


Robinhood earns money through rebates but this technique does not help to earn more. The fellow benefactor and co-CEO Vlad Tenev in an explanation gave in 2018, Robinhood acquires ~$0.00026 in rebates per dollar traded which implies that the stock you purchased for $100, Robinhood acquires 2.6 pennies from the makers of the market usually the producers.

The company’s site also states that Robinhood reports on the structure of rebate on a basis of per dollar because it accurately indicates the pact with the makers of the market, an uncommon new move for similar activities.

In view of the organization’s limit-pushing revenue streams, some recommend its faith in rebates may sometimes be to its disservice.

The revenue model of Robinhood could undoubtedly vanish stated by Tyler Gellasch, the executive director of Healthy Markets, confided Bloomberg in the year 2018. They have also clarified that they are happy with living on this regulatory edge.

Hence, this article will guide you to understand to make on   Robinhood app. You can also write on Reddit if any doubts about how does Robinhood make money.

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