How to Disable 2FA on Blockchain

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It is seen that for the past few years, digital currency is shaping various sizes in the market world all over the globe. The technology of Blockchain is the basis of digital currency.

By employing the Disable 2FA On Blockchain it earns benefits massively to the financial industries. So it works beneficial for the individuals and owners to get an extensive advantage without any involvement in the digital currency.

It is essential to know about how Blockchain and digital money are related to each other.

Some of this are:-

  • Technology functions as specific and also manage the distinct capabilities.
  • Can access securely anything without any barrier.
  • The owners of businesses can operate and administer their work through such technology.
  • This technology is convenient for making easy transactions and thereby helping industries to get connected with varied partners.
  • Individuals have security and can deliver transaction activity without any interference.
  • It also provides security to their account against the accessibility of any unwanted service.

Maintain perfect authentication

Individuals must keep an eye upon the security features to keep their accounts protected. And for this users look into managing a perfect authentication to maintain unwanted actions.

2FA i.e Two Factor Authentication has attain huge popularity among the people.

It is considered to be the decentralized technology that enables industries for making transactions of any sort of value to various parties. No involvement of any third party in this platform. All the information is stored on a perfect database with blockchain codes. It is best for the users to monitor and identify any theft or data leaks.

Blockchain Advantage

  • It is an authentication provider.
  • The key pair on Blockchain helps the individuals to register their identity handily.
  • It is designed especially for security reasons which could be attained by the support of technology.
  • It authenticates the information and data given on the technology.
  • It benefits the individuals to employ in the digital platform.

Manage Proper Identity

Users need to manage a proper form of identity.
It is a perfect form of authentication that allows tremendous gifts to the users.
It ensures a high level of belief between numerous parties.
Identity authentication is trustworthy and is outstanding for decentralization. The individuals are able to get massive rewards for the successive block in the chain pathway. It performs authentication that works useful to the users.

You must keep a proper identity that improves to secure your account. A secure flash drive and data carrier can regulate the privacy key part of the identity technology. Users are not required to make a request for a new identity or to report on losing their identity.

Easy to Secure Account

For the utilization of digital money exchange, one can use 2-factor authentication. It is the perfect therapy to secure your account. Two Factor Authentication is mainly used for its high-level security and no corruption.
It becomes crucial for the users to firstly secure the account.
This option also works well on disable 2-FA on Blockchain.

So let us follow on the steps below to manage the account securely.

  • Download the authenticator as desired by you and ensure to secure with the password.
  • Use the third device to create an account that is better to set the two-factor authentication.
  • Keep the account with a decent email address and Password.
  • Once you Log In to the account, then you will be able to initiate the two-step authentication.
  • On activating the two steps you will be given a QR Code which you need to scan.
  • For additional safety, take a screenshot of the QR code and keep it safe and manage it securely.
  • By using the QR code, one can manipulate the application’s authenticator on the device.
  • Turn On the ‘two factors system’ on your account and it can be wielded to protect your account.
  • To activate 2FA, you need to move to the ‘Security’ section on ‘Settings’.
  • Next, you can ‘Enable’ or ‘Disable’ factors based on the factors as desired. It works great for the users of digital money to ensure a plate of security.

What is 2FA

Before going to the main topic of discussion let us look upon what exactly is two factor authentication (2 FA).

In today’s online period, people can access online accounts by Username and Password. The same relates to the wallet of Blockchain. Here the wallet ID and its Password are used every time to log in to the wallet. The login details will protect the account funds and details which are stored in it. Two-factor authentication is needed to protect the blockchain wallet.

How do 2FA works

When you create a crypto wallet, you must set the Password and get the identifier

To be accessible to the wallet, you will need two elements of data. Along with it you also need the unique OTP to login into the wallet and generate the transaction that is to be made in a successful way.

In the ‘Security’ section of the cryptocurrency wallet, there you can initiate the 2-step verification. Based on the method of authentication you select, a code will be sent to you to log in to your crypto wallet.

Why you need to set two-step verification

Now we have learnt that hackers make settlements and crack strong passwords very quickly and easily. But it won’t happen with the 2FA code. As the 2 factor authentication code modifies on every attempt of login and could be retrieved easily from mobile devices. It indicates that the Blockchain wallet will not be the easy prey for the unauthorized and unofficial unwanted access.

2-FA: Simple in use and addition of extra security:

  • It works in retrieving the two factor authentication code
  • Entering the correct PIN will turn the 2FA security feature of your account either ON or OFF.
  • You need the Login credentials and the password every time you want to log in.
  • The method of 2FA is the security measure for the wallet of the cryptocurrency, which can be manipulated for free to secure the online details by providing an additional layer of security. So it becomes quite difficult for the hackers to access on your account for stealing funds and data, thereby you can employ the 2 FA feature to resist any type of fraud.

There is no need for any extra technical ability for you to comprehend but just perform the following steps on the security measures.

Add 2-Factor Authentication to the Blockchain account:

Knowing the significance of the 2-step verification, we can assume that you are surely looking to add the two-factor authentication on the Blockchain account. That’s well, as you have chosen the right conclusion.

Here are the steps that you need to follow to add extra security for the Blockchain account by adding the 2-FA:

  • Firstly, with the required details log in to the account on Bitcoin.
  • When you get entered into your account look for the ‘Security Center’ section.
  • You can look for this section, generally available at the right of the dashboard.
  • Scroll to level 2 and select the enable two-factor authentication.
  • You will be prompted on the displaying screen, to select the method by which you wish to receive the 2-FA code Blockchain.
  • Next, type in the provided code i.e the Blockchain 2-FA code in the given blank field.

What is Blockchain Technology:

A brief on Blockchain info 2-FA:-

Known to be the future of 2 step verification.

The system of the platform which is employed regularly is awfully difficult to keep secure. A large number of online platforms have executed a specific form of two-factor authentication and ensures that having known the Username and the account Password is not enough to get access on the Blockchain.

The block-based remedy works as a decentralized and secure form of verification. The decentralized form works at its best on issuing the token over Blockchain digitally. It comprises all the personal information of the user and through the digital token, one can sign for the login procedure. It also enables the consumers to get access to any of the services in it with the additional support of the personal wallet address as well as the private keys. Generally, these systems are modified to serve in the 2-factor authentication procedure on top of Blockchain.

Disable 2-FA

Now let us move to the main topic of discussion on how to disable 2-FA. So whenever you have a desire to disable 2-factor authentication as if the Blockchain 2FA not working you need to accomplish something before you go to disable the two steps verification.

  • Make sure that the time of your phone and computer are synchronized.
  • Follow the steps mentioned to disable 2FA on Blockchain.

How to disable 2FA on Blockchain

The steps are as follows:-

  1. Login to the Blockchain wallet 2-FA account

    In the first step, you must login to the online Blockchain account.

  2. Go to ‘Settings’

    Next, directly go to the ‘Settings’ tab.

  3. Click on ‘2-FA Off’ option

    Now, switch on to the option of 2-FA ‘Off’.

  4. Type in the 2-FA token

    Then, you need to type in the token of the 2-FA for proceeding to verification.

  5. Select on ‘Disable 2-FA’ option

    On the last step, you have to select the option on ‘Disable 2-FA’.
    It will help you to get logout safely from the account of Blockchain.

How to perform Blockchain 2-FA reset

There are two ways you can choose to reset 2FA Blockchain:-

  • If the 2-FA code has a backup 
  • If there is no 2-FA backup code.

Let’s look into it in detail:

i. When you have the 2-FA backup code

  1. Use the backup 2-Factor Authentication (2-FA) code to get a login to the Blockchain account.
  2. When you are logged into the account, now you must click the ‘Username’ tab which is at the right-hand upper corner of the dashboard.
  3. Then go to the ‘Settings tab.
  4. Now, click on the ‘Security’ button
  5. Select on the ‘Turn Off’ option:
  6. In the next step, select the option on ‘Turn Off’ which is under the section of Two-Factor Authentication.
  7. Next, you will be asked to fill the valid 2-FA code once again, where you can utilize any of the other backup codes which are available.
  8. When it gets verified, the 2-FA security will be successfully removed.
  9. Next, to once again secure the account, you must freshly set up the 2-FA service with the device.

Note: This procedure is an instant way and it does not need a waiting period of 1 to 3 weeks. But if you are not with a backup code, then you can go for the below discussed method.

ii. If there is no 2-FA backup Code

The steps you need to perform are:-

  1. Submit the ticket on 2-FA reset with the help of the support team available.
  2. They will prompt you to deliver a selfie, in order to prove the ownership of the Blockchain account.
  3. The 2-FA will get removed from the account by the Customer Support team in a 1 to 2 week period.
  •  If the provided  ID document, handwritten note, and the selfie are verified, then they will authorize the request on a 2-FA reset. Then you will be eligible to sign in without the 2-FA and then you can set the new 2-FA on the device.
  • If the provided details appear to be deceitful, then the request to reset 2-FA on the account will not be accepted.
  • In both circumstances, a computerized email shall be forwarded to the registered email address of your account that will notify you about the outcomes.

Final Say

The Blockchain customer support team has the well experienced and understanding to figure out all sorts of technical-related issues. For any query, you can ask a helping hand from the experts online by calling the Blockchain Customer Care Phone Number to obtain an instant outcome of the problem. It will help you to know the actual reason behind any problems and issues that you are experiencing with the 2-FA on Blockchain.

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