How to buy Cardano on Binance?

Before moving to the title cited above we would like to describe a brief detail above ‘Cardano’. So, Cardano is stated as a decentralized, open-source social block-chain and a cryptocurrency exchange project with an improved smart contract forum along with advanced services and features.

The team of Cardano asserts that it is a block-chain place which was developed on the approach on research driving, scientific philosophy which is implemented throughout the world with the combination of expert researchers and engineers. ADA is a cryptocurrency of the Cardano forum

Thereby, in this page we will discuss on ‘How to buy Cardano on Binance’ as Binance is known to be the best spot to get i.e buy and trade on Cardano (ADA) effortlessly and therefore you must make sure to go thoroughly till the end of this page to learn about buying Cardano on Binance.

How to buy Cardano on Binance US

There are three ways through which one can buy ADA on Binance such as through Bank Transfer, trading Cardano and via Credit Card.

  • Buy Cardano (ADA) through Bank Transfer:-

One can simply get the listed stablecoins on Binance by linking the money on your account to the owner of the coins.

After getting the money linked, then you can utilise the coins on Binance exchange account to buy Cardano (ADA).

  • By trading Cardano:-

So, if you have any other form of cryptocurrency, at first you need to deposit it on Binance and further you can exchange it for buying the Cardano at a reasonable amount in the market.

  • Buying Cardano on Credit Card:-

In current condition it is quite impossible to instantly buy Cardano with your Credit Card.

Here, Binance assists the best-known way to get one of those coins that are available for you to buy on a Credit Card and then you can trade on Cardano for it at a low fee and best liquidity.

How to buy Cardano on Binance with bitcoin

One must know that Cardano (ADA) tokens are not available in comparison to some other Large Caps especially Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Ethereum, yet you can learn it easily.

The most satisfactory procedure lies in if you prefer to buy by paying for Cardano with Fiat (like EUR or USD) or if you have any cryptocurrency and thereby searching to trade on the prevailing coins to the Cardano.

If you hold a Crypto:-

If you have invested already in the cryptocurrency and are searching to move some of the portfolios to ADA or to trade then you will need the exchange which lists the ADA.

It is to note that not all of the exchanges support Cardano trading. But certainly a high-volume of the exchanges do.

Binance is an incredible platform to trade on cryptocurrency, as it delivers trading between Bitcoins or Ethereum for every coin. It is known to be the largest exchange in the market to date. Hundreds of numerous trading pairs are there and Cardano is possessed with large liquidity on this exchange.

For Cardano, it can be exchanged on the Binance for ADA/BNB, ADA/ETH, ADA/BTC, ADA/PAX, ADA/USDC, ADA/TUSD, and ADA/USDT.

Binance Register:-

One needs to sign up and create an account.
The process of registration is just the same as on any other crypto platform.

  • Fill in the required details
  • Set the security criteria
  • Enable the authentication (2 Factor Authentication is mostly recommended for security)
  • Submit your documents for KYC
  • When you get ‘Log In’ and the account gets verified, then you have to build a deposit on Binance.

Binance Deposit:-

  • An address will be given by Binance to send the desired crypto to deposit. Ensure to give a double check on the given address to confirm if it is correct before you send it.
  • Be careful to send only the specified coin i.e if you want to deposit in Bitcoin, then send only Bitcoins to that given address and nothing else.
  • Once the Binance deposit is completed, then you can perform to trade.
  • You must hit the link on ‘Exchange’ which is at the navigation bar to begin trading. 
  • Then it will propose you with two choices i.e ‘Basic’ view or ‘Advanced’ view. It is that the view on ‘Basic’ exchange is mostly recommended.

Cardano Binance account:-

  • When you are in the section of ‘Exchange’, look for ‘ADA’ in the right top search bar. 
  • Search on pairs with Ethereum Bitcoin or Binance Coin (they are native of Binance cryptocurrency).
  • A list of pricing charts will be available for you on the pair that you have selected.
  • Below the pricing charts, there will be the option to buy Cardano ADA.

Buy Cardano ADA:-

  • Now you can select on how much you desire to buy ADA and the trade will be done in minutes.
  • The user will get options to trade on specific percentage depending on the Binance wallet for trading ADA (i.e 25%, 50%, 75% or 100%).
  • You can even set the ‘Stop Limit Order’ which will help you to automatically implement the trade in order to buy when the coins hit the price specified by you.

How to buy Cardano on Binance Australia

The process to buy Cardano on Binance is the same in every country like the US, UK, Australia, etc. It just depends on if you hold crypto or not. You must not get confused about it.

Here we state you in points to summarise the above mentioned process on ‘How to buy Cardano on Binance 2021?’

  • First, you must register for the account with cryptocurrency exchange
  • Enable the 2FA
  • Get verified the account
  • Tap on ‘Deposit’ (AUD for Australia)
  • Transfer the funds to your account
  • Select on the ‘Buy/Sell’ tab, which is at the top right of the displayed screen
  • Then look for the desired cryptocurrency that you wish to buy.
  • Tap on the ‘Buy’ option.
  • Type in the amount that you prefer to buy (i.e the amount you wish to spend).
  • Make sure to review the details of the transaction
  • Click on ‘Buy’ and complete the procedure.


Hence, now we hope that by reading this article you have learned about buying Cardano on Binance and the doubts like ‘Can I buy Cardano on Binance?’ has been made clear now. Make sure to follow the steps thoroughly to discover on trading and to buy at the best prices.

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