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How to transfer money from Google Pay to Cash App

Google Pay is an instant money transfer online platform for payments obtained by individuals in many countries. There are also users who make use of several online payment platforms.

Just the same way, there are people who use both Cash App and Google Play for making online payments. But here comes some of the questions from many of the customers as ‘Can Google Pay send money to Cash app?’ ‘Can I send money from Google Pay to Cash App?’ and so on.

To begin on any kind of transaction from Google Pay to Cash App, it is that one must link the Google Play account to the Cash Card.

Here, in this article, we will be illustrating on how to switch from Google Pay to Cash App with the steps in a simple way. Make sure to read this blog till the end to get answers to all your questions.

Can I transfer money from Google Pay to Cash App?

One must know that the process of directly transferring money from Google Pay to Cash App is quite not possible.

Yet, one can look for some other ways to transfer cash from Google Pay. We shall look into this method later below, but before that one must know to set the Google Pay app on the phone.

Method for Google Pay Set Up

Here are the steps that one must perform in order to set Google Pay on the Phone:

  1. Download the App on your respective device:
    • At first, you need to download the Google Pay app on the device. For Android, you can download it from Google Play Store, and for iOS, you can do it from App Store.
  2. Register with the Google Account:
    • Then, after downloading and installing the app you need to register it with the Google Account.
  3. Launch Google Pay and follow the process as instructed:
    • Now, you must launch it and then follow the process as per instructed.
  4. Set up the security lock:
    • In the next step, you must set the security lock on your device by PIN, Password, pattern, fingerprint, etc.
  5. Enter the required details:
    • Then, enter the details that are required such as full name, phone number, email address, birth details, etc.
  6. To add the method for Payment you must follow the below steps:
    • Go to the ‘Menu’ tab.
    • Choose which Google Account that you desire to use to add the financial specifically.
    • Click on the ‘My Cards’ button.
    • Next, tap on the ‘+’ option.
    • Select on the ‘Add credit or debit card’.
    • Enter the details of your card or scan with the help of the camera. On iOS devices, one cannot send cash with a Credit card.
    • Verify the method of payment with the verification code sent to the email address or phone number.
    • Type in the code for verification to verify the payment mode.

How to register Cash card to Google pay

‘Can I link Cash App to Google Pay?’ The answer is Yes, through Cash Card. One must register the Cash App to Google Pay account before any transfer Google Pay to Cash App. You must link the Cash card to the Google Pay.

So, the steps to sign up with the Cash Card to the account on Google Pay are as follows:-

  1. Open Google Pay application on the device:
    • In the first step, click to open the app of Google Pay on the device you are using.
  2. Click on the ‘Payment Method’:
    • Next, click the ‘Payment Method’ button.
  3. Tap on the ‘Add Card’, confirm by selecting on ‘Proceed’:
    • Then, tap the ‘Add Card’ option and proceed by confirming it.
  4. Type the Cash Card details:
    • In the next step, type in the details of the Cash Card which includes the Cash card number, date of expiry, and the CVV number.
  5. Verify the provided information:
    • Now, you must verify the information provided related to the account.
  6. On completion of verification, the Cash Card is registered successfully to Google Pay:
    • When the verification is completed, the Cash Card is now registered successfully to the Google Pay account.

Thereafter, the account is now ready to send money to Cash App from Google Pay.

How to send cash from Ggogle Pay account to Cash App account:

When the account gets linked on Cash Card to Google Pay, then the account on Google Pay is now ready to transfer payment to the Cash account.

Go through the steps described below on ‘How to transfer money from Google Pay to Cash App’ The steps are as follows:-

  1. Open Cash App on the device:

    Firstly, click to open Cash App on device.

  2. Click on the option on ‘Cash Card’:

    Now, click on the ‘Cash Card’ button which is at the Cash App home screen.

  3. Tap on ‘Add to Google Pay’ tab:

    In the next step, tap and select on the tab on ‘Add to Google Pay’.

  4. Follow the instructions and steps which gets displayed on screen:

    Lastly, make sure to follow the instructions and the steps that will get displayed on the screen.

Thus, after you successfully complete the above steps, then you can transfer payment from Google Pay account to Cash App account.

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