How To Contact Kraken?

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Kraken is a trade of cryptocurrency founded in the year 2011. It’s roots are in San Francisco, in California.

The URL link to reach Kraken is It has achieved as one of the world’s prominent trading on cryptocurrency and with regards to Euro liquidity and volume labeled as number 1. This also proposes trading of Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum for the customers.

Kraken is the pioneer among the trading of cryptographic money that exchange in Euros, Kraken is also seen to trade the fiat monetary forms like United States Dollars, Canadian Dollars, British Pounds, and Japanese Yen. 

It helps the customers to use the margin trading and the initial charge of 0.01% and the rollover expense of 0.01% every four hours. If users want to open an advanced account, additional standards should be met. 

The users of the US need to provide SSN. German or Japanese citizens, the account will need an extra ID validation.

As we learned that Kraken trading is quite popular and so it is natural to know how to contact the customer support of Kraken.

Like different trades, Kraken has seen a recent rise in new clients, which has left their client assistance attempting to keep updated with increased inquiries of the users.

As per the reports of 2018, users of Kraken can reach their customers’ support by filling a form and submitting a request utilizing Twitter or the database of Kraken or visiting the FAQ page.

In order to contact Kraken Submit a Request

The users of Kraken can submit a request to reach the customer support if they want to ask about the sponsorship or trading on Bitcoin.

Choose from the list the types of issues:-

  • US Resident Deposit & Withdrawal Wire Transfer Issues
  • Deposit and Withdrawal
  • Problems while logging in.
  • Trading
  • General Form
  • Increase the transfer limit.
  • Press and Business Development
  • Compliance and Legal

After choosing the type of issue you need to fill the form with correct information.

As for instance, if you have issues with login then submit the required details:-

  • Email id.
  • Subject.
  • Description of the problem.
  • Kraken account ID or email of the account that the user can’t access.
  • The purpose for lost access (Lost Two-factor Authentication – 2FA – Device/Forgot 2FA Password, Can’t Reset Password, Locked Account Accidentally, Unsure)
  • Last date you successfully login.
  • Kraken account balances.
  • Whether the Kraken account is an individual or business account.
  • CAPTCHA anti-spam box.

If the users do not understand English they can take up their suitable language. As a note, “submit a request page” is accessible in Japanese.

Kraken Customer Support via Twitter

Users can use this another method to contact Kraken by means of Twitter. Kraken has a Twitter account called @krakensupport. The account assists clients with their requests and tweets with support-related @krakenfx tweets Kraken company announcements. 

In spite of the fact that clients might be slanted to take to Twitter to stand out enough to be noticed of the Kraken support group for a ticket they submitted, but on April 6, 2018, Kraken rather prescribes the utilization of the form-based to raise support tickets if the customers do not get any solutions about their help request

Kraken Support Database

The support database of Kraken technically is not a means to reach Kraken, it’s apparent that a client’s inquiry or issue can be settled after visiting the support database page, which is fairly broad.

This page comprises sections on Getting Started, Verification, Digital Assets Funding, Security, Trading and a Help Center, Fiat Currency Funding. Here the section has considerable articles as well.

For instance, by visiting the section of Verification, clients can get the knowledge on points like what amount of time it requires to get confirmed, address change, accounts of corporate and institutional, changing usernames and as you know sky’s the limit from there.

As per the facts we are to inform you that Kraken does not have customer support through phone or email but a help ticket, support database, or Twitter account. These are the means to get help from customer support.

In spite of the fact that Kraken is confronting grievances about the contact choices and support, as other currency trades, they will actually want to meet the developing number of client requests as revenue in cryptographic forms of money keeps on developing.

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