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While using Coinbase users may sometimes face problems like Coinbase 2FA not working, Coinbase disables 2FA, and so on. It is relatively a common problem among its users.

Thereby if you are looking for a solution on this then no more worries as here you are on the right page, where we will try to answer and clear your doubts on Coinbase 2FA issues.

About Coinbase 2FA

Coinbase 2FA is a method that connects the account on Coinbase to the Phone. Any changes done in its account, it will notify you through the phone. So this sort of connection that is made can keep the account safe from problems on getting the cash stolen. Because if this kind of situation arises that you can take an immediate effort to deal with this.

Why Coinbase 2FA not working

It is seen that while operating Coinbase 2FA, at some instances it’s not working. You may face this due to the following reasons:

  • Time:-

At the time of enabling the 2FA in your account keep in mind about ‘Time’ i.e the time on the authenticator and the Coinbase account must be related. 

There must be no form of gap in time between them. The maximum gap is allowed only 10 minutes approx.

So if the time gap increases, then Coinbase 2FA will not be working and there will be difficult to sign in to the account.

In order to avoid this kind of issue make sure to synchronize the Coinbase account and the authenticator.

  • Code Invalid:-

To sign in to the account, you must fill in the 6 digits authentication key number. It is an important step to perform without which you won’t be able to get ‘Sign In’ to the account. So at the time of filling the authentication key, you must make sure to fill in the correct key number. Entering the wrong number may result in Coinbase lost the 2FA login process. So be attentive while typing the code.

  • Network issue:-

When logging into your account you require to enter the given 6-digit code, so at that time if you are experiencing a bad network range then you won’t be able to get the Coinbase 2FA key. This will create an issue for you at the time of logging in to your account. Take note that you are having a good network when you log in to the Coinbase account so that you can receive the key or message.

Coinbase Disable

Some might face the Coinbase disable error that you should not. It may be faced by different users due to varied reason. One can tackle this problem but it must not be happened. 

Let us look into the reason behind facing this sort of problem:-

  • Identification:-

When you are verifying your account, you must go through the procedure on submitted an ID.

But, if you deliver a wrong ID for verification or had done anything wrong at the time of the process then in that case, there is a chance that the Coinbase account may get disable temporarily.

So as to resist this, you must submit a clear photo of the ID.

  • Hacked:-

It may not occur often, but if you face this sort of problem like disabled then being hacked may be the reason behind it.

In this case, somebody who hacked the Coinbase account might steal your money and have disabled the account.

To resolve this you must keep enabling the 2FA Code. It is easy to resolve if you had enabled the 2FA Code. It will let you with an instant information in respect to any activity related to your Coinbase account and then you can stop it to be hacked.

  • Coinbase account down temporarily:-

As Coinbase is an exchange business all over the globe with large demand, it can be understood that there are individuals who always look to steal that currency. So in order to avoid these types of crises, Coinbase works on updating and maintaining their software on a regular basis.

If this problem occurs, Coinbase disables 2FA and all kinds of transactions will be kept at a halt. In this kind of difficulty, you cannot execute anything and can only wait for the end of the maintenance break.

Coinbase terms and conditions:

Certain terms and conditions are implemented which as a user of Coinbase you need to accept on signing up for the account. Violation of these terms and policies may result in the account being disabled.

To fetch the account bank, you must send an email to Coinbase company, which will be verified by them and after that, you will be able to get access to the account once again.

Final Say

So here we have stated the basic reasons behind your Coinbase 2FA account not working why it’s being disabled. We expect that now you have attained the idea of Coinbase lost 2FA account not working properly and which will help you to avoid this kind of problem in the coming future.

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