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How to send money from the cash app to PayPal?

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PayPal is the US citizen’s household identity and the world’s most common payment service. PayPal has 30 million active users worldwide, according to recent figures. Many PayPal users use it to move money or to make transfers from a friend to another person. However, there is a misconception among the users is that all the users can send money from Paypal to Cash App directly. The statement is fully incorrect, there are no easy means of transferring cash from the Cash App to PayPal, for that, you will need to send money to your bank account from your Cash App account and then you will succeed to transfer the money to your PayPal accounts. As PayPal and Cash App do not have any collaboration between them, so you can form a direct transfer process between them. So, if you are looking for “how to send money from PayPal to Cash App” then you will never get a proper solution or direct medium.

Can you send money from PayPal to Cash App?

No. You can send money from PayPal to Cash App. There is no direct method is made for doing this. For sending money from PayPal to Cash App, you simply need to make two-way transactions, one from Cash App to Bank Account and another from Bank Account to Cash App. In case, you are stuck between any process, make sure to communicate with officials, and solve the issue in no time without breaking your sweat.

How to send money from PayPal to Cash App?

Sending money from PayPal to the Cash App is a two dimensional process.

  • Transfer money from Cash App to Bank Account
  • Transfer money from Bank Account to PayPal

Transfer money from Cash App to Bank Account

For the users who are looking for a step by step solution on how to Transfer money from Cash App to Bank Account, they need to go through the following points. Read each point and implement them one by one:-

  1. Switch on your device and form a stable connection with the available network.
  2. Launch the Cash app and complete the account authentication process. For that, you simply need to use your email address and password.
  3. On the Cash App home screen, you will need to click on the balance showing tab.
  4. The system will apply your command and allow you to the next step.
  5. Next, you will need to choose the “Cash out” option.
  6. After that, the system will ask you to enter a specific amount that you are looking to transfer from your account.
  7. Review the input then click on the “Cash out” tab.
  8. Now, you will need to select the transfer type. Cash App offers two transfer processes, one is an “Instant” transfer and another is a “Standard” transfer.
  9. Once you selected the amount, you will need to Confirm the touch ID or enter the pin. Offer the pin and you are done with the money transfer process. According to the transfer type, your money will be credited to the recipient’s account.

Note:- The Standard transfer process takes 1-2 business days and this option is available free of charge, however, if you go with the instant transfer option then you will need to pay a 1.5% charge. The instant transfer option is best for the person who needs money on an immediate basis.

Transfer money from Bank Account to PayPal

Since PayPal money cannot be sent to a cash application directly, so for that, you must send money from the bank to your PayPal account after a cash transfer app. Go through the following steps and implement them:-

  1. Launch your PayPal app and complete the account validation process. 
  2. Tap on the “Add Money” tab, you will get the tab on the home screen of PayPal.
  3. For the users who have two or more accounts linked with PayPal, they will need to select the bank account. However, if you added only one account to your PayPal wallets then you can skip this process.
  4. Input the amount, review it twice or thrice then tap on the Add tab to initiate the amount transfer process. Be wise, always review the transfer details before submitting your response.
  5. Once the amount is deducted from your bank account, you will get a confirmation message. The transferred amount will be added to your PayPal account within the next business week.

As you can see from the above notes, generally, it takes 3 to 8 business days to transfer money from the Cash App to PayPal, and the worst part is that there is no other feasible way. So, if you take my point into consideration then spend money from the cash app directly. In case, you are looking for “how to use the cash app or how to add money in the cash app” then you may have to look at the implemented link:- add money to Cash App card.

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