How To Buy Theta On Coinbase?

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A cryptocurrency is known as THETA has currently 1,000,000,000 of supply. The previous cost of THETA is known to be 1.63264044 USD and reached up to30.89 in the most 24 hours. It has 42 active markets trading with $218,400,374.21 in the last 24 hours.

Presently, out of 100 top cryptocurrencies, THETA reached 19 positions on Coinmarketcap and raised heavily 30.89% at the period of writing.

It is also recorded on various trades of crypto, in contrast to other primary cryptocurrencies, and cannot be bought with fiat money directly. In order to buy the coin first purchase Bitcoin and then move to the exchange that proposes to trade this coin.

Buy THETA on Coinbase

If you want to purchase THETA then you need to go through the steps carefully and once you understand then you can easily purchase it on Coinbase.

1. Register on Coinbase:

You should initially get one of the significant cryptocurrencies, either Bitcoin or Ethereum. Let’s use Coinbase as it is one of the biggest crypto exchanges that acknowledge the deposits of fiat.

Go to the site to sign up. You will need to enter the email and tap on the ‘Get started’ option. Never give a different username other than your name because it becomes easier for Coinbase during the verification of your account. The password used should be strong so that hackers can’t crack easily.

An email will be delivered to you. Tap to open it and you will find the link just click it. You need to set a two-factor authentication by providing a valid mobile number. This is an additional layer to your account to be secured and it is strongly suggested that you keep the feature 2FA turned on.

Follow the subsequent stage to complete your personality confirmation. These means are somewhat overwhelming particularly when you are standing by to purchase a resource yet very much like some other monetary organizations.

Now proceed further to complete the personality verification. These points are somewhat overpowering particularly when you wish to purchase an asset but like other financial institutions, Coinbase is directed in many nations like the US, the EU, and the UK. You can accept it as a trade-off to utilize as a confided platform to make the first crypto buy. The major news is that the process Know-Your-Customers (KYC) is completely automated and it should not take more than 15 minutes to wrap up.

2. Purchase coins with fiat money:

When you completed the KYC interaction. You will be approached to add a method for payment. Here you can either decide to give a debit or credit card or bank transfer. When you pay with your cards the expense will incur more but the payment for the purchase will be instant. But the bank transfer will be cheaper and also slow, relying on the region of your home, some provinces will give cash deposits instantly but fees will be lower, like iDeal in some European nations.

Presently you are good to go, tap the ‘Trade’ tab at the upper left, pick the coin you need to purchase, and confirm the transaction, and thats all. The first crypto buy is completed.

3. Transfer the cryptos to an Altcoin Exchange

THETA:- As THETA is an altcoin you are required to transfer the coins to an exchange where they can be traded. Here you will be using Binance as an exchange and famous exchange in order to trade and consist of many tradable altcoins pairs.

Go to the site and Sign-up for Binance. The procedure will be similar to Coinbase and you have to set up a 2FA for security purposes, and it also adds upa an extra layer to the account.

4. Deposit BTC to exchange

It relies on the policy of the exchange that you may be needed to go through the process of KYC, which might take 30 minutes or a couple of days to complete. In spite of the fact that the procedure ought to be direct and simple to observe. Whenever you are finished with it you ought to have the authorization to the trade wallet.

This is your first crypto deposit, the screen might look somewhat unnerving. Don’t stress, it’s fundamentally less complex than making a bank transfer. In the box on the right, you will see a line of numbers telling ‘BTC address’, this is a remarkable public address of the Bitcoin wallet at Binance and you can get Bitcoin by giving this location to the individual to deliver you the funds. As we are transferring our recently purchased bitcoin on Coinbase to this wallet, tap on ‘Copy Address’ or right-click on the address and click ‘Copy to grab this address to the clipboard.

Presently go to Coinbase, and then to the Portfolio page and hit on Bitcoin on the asset list, that hit on ‘Send’ button on the right.

In the Recipient field, paste the wallet address in the clipboard, for safety concerns you ought to consistently check if both the address are the same. It is realized that there are sure PC malware that would modify the substance in the clipboard into a different wallet address and you will be basically delivering funds to someone else.

Then tap the ‘Send’ button and proceed, the email will be received instantly, open the inbox and find a confirmation link just click on it and the coins will be on Binance.

Presently return to Binance and go to the exchange wallets, you may not find the deposits so do not worry. It is still ascertained in the network of blockchain and it might take a couple of moments for your coins to show up. The network condition will depend on the Bitcoin network and during busy hours the time might be longer than usual.

After the deposit reached the Binance a mail from them will be delivered to your email box. Now THETA can be purchased.

5. Trade THETA:

Now, return to Binance, and then directly go to ‘Exchange’. The figures that are continuously flickering may be somewhat surprising, however, unwind, and come to the terms with this.

You will find a search bar in the right column, ensure “BTC” is chosen as BTC is traded to altcoin pair. Tap on it and fill in “THETA”, you will see THETA or BTC, choose that pair and a price chart of THETA or BTC will pop in the screen.

After that find a box with green button which says “Buy THETA”, in the box, pick the “Market” button as that is the direct way of purchasing orders. Next, either type the amount or pick what portion of the deposit of BTC you might want to spend on purchasing, by tapping on the percentage tabs. 

Now you can just tap the ‘Buy THETA’ button once you have checked everything entered is correct.

Lastly, you have bought THETA.

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